Oi Vai Voi

What kind of path was it
That brought us to this place?
So far from that first kiss
To this emptiness
How did all our trust
Fall down between the cracks?
Can we ever comprehend
How it came to that…

Baby baby dry your eyes,
Guess it wasn’t meant to be
I can only rationalize
See you in another life
When all has turned to grey
We’ll be born again as birds
Learn how to fly away
And life won’t be so absurd.

Last you held me near
The memories made me freeze
Throwing motions absently
In a parody
As we lie side by side
The water rushes in
Seems like a bridge too far
Beyond the place we’re in

So i guess we found the line
Where you and i begin

Stepped over the other side
Wish we could start again.

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